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Why you should avoid social media during your divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2024 | Divorce |

How important could your Facebook posts really be in your divorce? They may be much more significant than you think. 

It’s estimated that 54% of divorce attorneys in this country have seen social media evidence come into play in their cases, and more than 80% turn to Facebook to dig for information on their client’s spouses, so don’t take the advice to “step away from the keyboard” lightly.

Here’s what your social media posts can reveal

What difference does it make if your social media posts are seen? You always need to consider what the other party can read into things or discover. Your posts may reveal:

  • Your spending habits: Check-ins at pricey resorts or fancy restaurants and photos of you enjoying dinner out with your friends can be used to counter arguments that you’re struggling financially. That could be a major factor in a court’s decision to either award you spousal support or require you to pay it. 
  • Your parenting struggles: A video of your child throwing a tantrum may have seemed funny at the time, but imagine having to explain to the court why you chose to film that (and post it online) instead of responding with another parenting tactic. Your spouse could use evidence like that to question your parenting skills in a custody battle.
  • Your psychological state: If your spouse alleges that you’ve been verbally or physically abusive to them, posts that sound aggressive or threatening – especially out of context – can be used to vilify you in front of the court.

Finally, if you have any hope of avoiding a lot of conflict and drama during your divorce, staying off social media can prevent you from inadvertently aggravating your spouse. If they’re angry about what you’ve posted online, they may refuse to come to the negotiating table or make necessary compromises – and that will make your divorce harder and more expensive.