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When it comes to the issue of child support, matters can be complicated. When children and finances are involved, it is often difficult to get either party to embrace compromise. If you need assistance developing a solid child support order, our Nassau County divorce lawyer from Jane K. Cristal, P.C., can help. Call our legal team to begin learning how we can help: 516-744-1910.

How Is Child Support Determined?

State law, under the Child Support Standards Act (CSSA), requires the court to award child support based on a specific formula. Parents who choose to make their own arrangements can opt out of the statutory law and may negotiate these matters with the guidance of their counsel during mediation or in the process of a collaborative divorce. Parents have the right to opt out only after they have acknowledged that they understand the calculation for child support under CSSA.

A primary concern of the family law court is to ensure that the primary caretaker of a child receives adequate funds to care for the child or children after divorce. Therefore, the court will take a variety of considerations into account when determining child support.

The court may consider the following to ensure that the child benefits from a stable environment:

  • Earning capacities of each parent
  • Each parent’s assets and debts
  • Child’s educational needs
  • Child’s extracurricular activities
  • Child’s medical needs

At Jane K. Cristal, P.C., our child support attorney in Nassau County sits with each client and carefully assesses all issues and factors concerning child support to ensure that all relevant issues are argued before the court.

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Attorney Jane K. Cristal understands that every family and every case is unique, and therefore, a personalized approach will be required. Do not wait until it is too late to get the help you need from our caring and dedicated firm. We understand the laws and can guide you through each step of your case. Contact our firm today to schedule a case evaluation.