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High Assets Mean High Stakes – We Are Here To Help

All facets of divorce can be difficult to face. When it comes to divorces in which one or both parties have significantly high assets, much is at stake, and the stress levels can be crippling. An attorney with a background of taking on various divorce challenges can be a great help during this time.

Since 1987, founding attorney Jane K. Cristal has provided New Yorkers with extensive divorce services. From our office in Mineola, attorney Cristal has diligently sought her clients’ best interests in high-valued property divisions, spousal maintenance arrangements and other related divorce areas.

Fighting To Secure Your Property

To ensure a fair asset distribution, New York is an equitable property state. This means that all marital property that is not divided in out-of-court agreements will go through a judge – who will determine what is fair. Marital property includes:

  • Homes purchased during the marriage by you and your spouse
  • Personal property such as recreational vehicles, cars and furniture
  • Pensions, retirement accounts and various other financial resources
  • Gifts given to each other

Properties and assets are not the only factors that can complicate a high-asset divorce case. Your divorce may involve disputes regarding child support, spousal support and pre- and postnuptial agreements. Whatever your situation, we have the resources to help you and the legal background necessary to create a strong case.

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