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Children as Pawns and Other Legal Issues During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Nassau Lawyer | June 2020 (Reprinted with permission from the Nassau County Bar Association) This article, published in the June 2020 edition of the Nassau Lawyer magazine, discussed the Legal Issues During The COVID-19 Pandemic.

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Divorce, Death And The Dilemma Of Collecting Counsel Fees

Nassau Lawyer | May 2019 (Reprinted with permission from the Nassau County Bar Association) When a party to a divorce action dies prior to the entry of a final judgment of divorce, the divorce action necessarily abates the marital relationship no longer existing.

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Facing The Impact Of Facebook And Other Social Media On Discovery: The Court Of Appeals Clarifies

Nassau Lawyer | May 2018 (Reprinted with permission by the Nassau County Bar Association) By the sharing of important and mundane events from the daily lives of people on sites such as Facebook, social media networks have become pervasive in the lives of people of all ages. Vacations, weekend activities, dining adventures, shopping sprees, theater outings, concert events and luxury purchases appear regularly on social media sites. In fact, many social media participants feel increasingly compelled to post or even boast about their life experiences.

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DRL Contempt Legislation: A Silver Lining For The Payor-Spouse?

Nassau Lawyer | May 2017 (Reprinted with permission from the Nassau County Bar Association) The purpose of these revisions was to ensure that the parent obligated to pay child support by order or judgment is “not financially rewarded for failing either to pay the order or to seek its modification.” The door is now open for the payor-spouse to seek modifications of their order.

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The Preliminary Conference Order In Matrimonial Actions: Something’s Got To Give

Nassau Lawyer | May 2016 (Reprinted with permission from the Nassau County Bar Association) Often, divorce clients’ first experience with the Court is at the Preliminary Conference, which they are required to attend. At the Conference, they curiously observe their respective attorneys filling out pages of a document and, sometimes, arguing over the various provisions. Ultimately, asked to sign the document, the clients query counsel, “What is this again?”

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“Student First” And “SUNY Cap”: College Expenses In Divorce

Nassau Lawyer | May 2015 (Reprinted with permission from the Nassau Lawyer) A four-year college education, including room and board, at a private school, currently costs an average of $42,419 per year. A public out-of-state college currently costs an average of $32,762 per year, and a public in-state (SUNY) education currently costs an average of $18,943 per year. Given these extraordinary costs, attorneys have for decades followed the practice of urging clients to negotiate college clauses for high school-aged children in the stipulations settling divorce actions.

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College Expenses: A Legal Quagmire For Divorced Spouses

Nassau Lawyer | May 2014 (Reprinted with permission from the Nassau Lawyer)

College costs are soaring, placing an additional financial burden on parents seeking to provide the best educational experience possible for their children. It is no wonder then that divorced spouses find themselves entangled in post-divorce litigation concerning college expenses.

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Protecting Separate Property During Marriage & Divorce

New York Law Journal | September 2014 (Reprinted with permission from the New York Law Journal)

It is common knowledge that one in every two marriages ends in divorce, and it follows that it is becoming equally common for those with assets contemplating marriage to consider viable options available to protect assets in the event marital bliss turns sour and ends in divorce.

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