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Divorce Mediation: What Is It?

Many individuals who decide that filing for divorce has become their only viable option choose to utilize the services of a professional divorce mediator to help them resolve the outstanding legal issues necessary to complete the divorce process. By participating in mediation, the couple may avoid adversarial proceedings in court, and reach a resolution which will then be memorialized in a writing, called an agreement or stipulation. Divorce attorney Jane K. Cristal provides professional mediation and uncontested divorce services to individuals seeking marriage dissolution throughout Nassau County and the surrounding area.

Divorce mediation involves addressing the disclosure of all financial matters and encouraging open communication between the parties. This option is not for everyone but has important benefits for those who are able to participate in the process. Those who engage in mediation will retain more control over the outcome of their divorce than those who permit the court to be the ultimate arbiter where the court makes the final decisions. Further, cooperation between the two parties fosters a more peaceful ongoing relationship which generally benefits children.

Divorce Mediation In Nassau County And Throughout Long Island

Those who maintain a trusting, civil relationship often decide that mediation is a good choice for resolving the legal issues raised during divorce proceedings. The process involves meeting with mediator Jane K. Cristal who conducts the sessions as a neutral third party and facilitates negotiations between the parties. Generally, the parties participate without each having hired their own attorney. The mediator provides vital information about state law with regard to child custody, spousal maintenance, visitation and property division to the two parties and helps guide them toward a sensible and workable settlement that addresses the concerns of each party.

Jane K. Cristal, P.C., with more than 30 years of experience and work as a mediator, litigator and negotiator, is proud of the service she has provided to the community. Smoothing the transition from marriage to divorce can lead to a better future for all involved.

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