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Trusted Counsel In Contested Divorce

Many times spouses cannot agree on the terms and conditions that are necessary to resolve the outstanding legal issues. Unfortunately, the emotional turmoil and animosity that developed during the marital relationship interfere with negotiations.

Whatever the reason for not being able to develop a basis for settlement, the parties should pursue the most direct method for resolving their differences, namely, filing for divorce. We can help you build the highly effective case you need to achieve your goals through divorce. If the future care of your children, your finances and your property need to be determined by the court, then it is urgent that you protect your interests by retaining a highly skilled and trusted Nassau County divorce lawyer at Jane K. Cristal, P.C.

Attorney Jane Cristal provides zealous representation and prepare the case in a way that protects you against unreasonable and excessive demands from your spouse. Courtroom know-how and strong negotiating skills play a vital part in any contested divorce. Experienced and effective counsel will help you make the most of the litigation process, advocating your rights against your spouse and opposing counsel. An attorney at Jane K. Cristal, P.C., will also provide you with the guidance to deal with the issues of financial disclosures, expert appraisals and valuations, and creative solutions to help structure settlements.

Our legal staff will also familiarize you with all your options, providing clear and patient explanations of the legal standards under statutory law and case law. In instances where interim relief is needed by the application to the court, we will work your matter efficiently, assessing your facts and circumstances and structuring motions to provide much-needed relief on urgent matters of support, custody and property. In the event your spouse fails to abide by the court’s directives, we will provide you with choices for pursuing enforcement and move as swiftly as possible to protect your rights and remedies.

In cases where there is no option other than litigation and it is necessary to have court intervention to resolve your matter, you will be best represented by the attorney that works with the utmost care for your case, your personal situation, your future and your rights. With a tireless dedication to your case, the divorce law firm of Jane K. Cristal, P.C., will protect your rights and demand fair resolution in the divorce proceedings.

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