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Protect What Is Yours In A Divorce Involving Business Ownership

When marriage intersects with business, things can get quite complicated. A divorce involving business ownership and professional practices may be lengthy and filled with disputes. However, the help of a seasoned divorce attorney may mean your case moves more efficiently and with your goals in mind.

At Jane K. Cristal, P.C., in Mineola, we offer divorce services for a wide spectrum of client needs. Attorney Cristal has practiced New York family and divorce law since 1987. She will stand by you as a compassionate ally as you face property distribution and other business-related divorce concerns.

Helping You Achieve A Fair Distribution

New York is an equitable distribution state, meaning a judge will determine what is fair if property division goes to court. Determining the division of business properties and practices will depend on several factors. Such factors may include:

  • When the business or practice began
  • The amounts invested from either spouse
  • Personal impact each spouse had on the business
  • General labor put into the business

Depending on whether divorce parties come to an agreement on the value of their business property, the court may have to step in and decide for them. Before you let it get to this point, we offer extensive collaborative divorce options that may help you reach suitable agreements with your ex-spouse.

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