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Delaying Divorce Due To Complicated Circumstances

The institution of marriage is often idealized in our society; however, statistics show that today only half of the marriages in the United States truly succeed, and for the other half, married life is far from ideal. Although coming to terms with the fact that your marriage has failed can be difficult to accept, it’s important to understand that the ending of your marriage also marks a new beginning in your life. With your future in mind, it’s important that the divorce process be utilized to do more than just end your marriage and also to lay the foundation for your new beginning.

Jane K. Cristal, P.C., focuses strictly on matrimonial law all throughout Nassau County and the surrounding area. With more than 30 years of experience, our legal team has extensive experience handling virtually any type of divorce issue that may arise. In particular, we have a significant amount of experience in contested divorce and complicated matrimonial and child custody cases. If you are involved in a high net worth marriage, we are especially sensitive to the legal issues that high net worth families experience, and these often include contentious child custody disputes.

We not only understand the potential complications that need to be addressed in regard to your property, and the custody and visitation of your children, but we are also sensitive to any concerns regarding the future of a family-owned business and how a divorce would impact your children. The ultimate resolution of a contested matrimonial matter has long-lasting ramifications that affect the spouses, the parties’ children, other family members and business partners. Jane K. Cristal, P.C., is here to protect you and your best interests.

When Divorce Is The Right Decision

While divorce may seem like the obvious answer, there may be a number of issues that make you hesitant to take the first step, whether it’s an issue over finances or an issue concerning child custody and/or visitation. As your Nassau County divorce attorneys, we not only understand your concerns but also address them. Our legal team has more than 30 years of experience successfully representing individuals who have had the same concerns as you.

Marriage truly is just as much of a financial investment as it is an emotional one, and we are here to strategically plan your divorce, with your life after divorce in mind, all the while using New York state laws to your advantage every step of the way. We believe that careful and intelligent planning can be the most effective tool when executing your divorce. If you are like the many who have been hesitant about filing for divorce due to concerns over assets, property, a family business, or custody of your children, we are here to address your concerns and find practical solutions for these issues. We will do whatever is legally necessary to help you accomplish your goals.

When you are caught in the middle of the significant emotional turmoil that is associated with the majority of divorces and when you have concerns about the ramifications of going through divorce, you need a skilled and knowledgeable legal team by your side to protect your best interests and to aggressively pursue the outcome that you so desire. At Jane K. Cristal, P.C., we understand that there is no such thing as a “typical” divorce and that each couple’s case presents its own unique facts and issues. We always give these issues our full attention, knowledgeable guidance and enthusiastic representation. At Jane K. Cristal, P.C., we are here to guide you every step of the way, always giving you the support you need to get through your divorce proceedings.