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Will co-parenting work for you?

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2023 | Child Custody |

Divorcing parents always have numerous decisions to make regarding their children, including how to raise them. Most parents choose to co-parent, as it allows the kids to maintain a relationship with both of them, in addition to other benefits. But does it work for everyone?

You will enjoy the benefits of co-parenting if:

You and your spouse can agree on crucial matters

Co-parenting requires cooperation for it to be successful. You and the other parent should agree on crucial matters and cooperate.  For instance, you should agree on the kids’ education, medical and social needs. You don’t need to share views but should be willing to compromise in the child’s best interest.

You can set and respect boundaries

Boundaries are vital in co-parenting. Examples of boundaries you need include: 

  • Communication. Decide the best communication methods and when to talk to each other
  • Privacy. You should maintain your privacy; avoid asking the kids about the other parent
  • Conflict. Decide the best ways to resolve conflicts and keep the kids out of them 
  • Topics. It will be best to only discuss topics concerning the kids
  • Parenting plan. Every party should observe and respect the parenting plan 

With clear boundaries and the ability to respect them, you and the other parent should have a more manageable co-parenting experience.

You can be flexible

You should follow the parenting plan to avoid misunderstandings. However, things may come up – the other parent may not be able to have the kids when they should. Therefore, you should be flexible enough to accept changes that come along the way.

Co-parenting is beneficial, but not in all situations. You should assess your case to determine if this option is possible and healthy. It will also help to get legal guidance to make informed decisions.