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3 mistakes to avoid during a child custody case

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2023 | Child Custody |

You and your ex-spouse might be able to resolve child custody issues outside court. However, if you can’t agree on crucial matters, an unsafe activity or parental alienation is happening, or one parent is engaging in inappropriate behavior that affects the children, it may be best to involve the court.

The court will consider vital aspects of the parents and give an order that’s in the child’s best interest.

Here are three mistakes to avoid to increase the chances of maintaining a relationship with your children.

Abusing alcohol or other drugs

Undoubtedly, the court will consider a parent’s alcohol or drug use from the period before the case began. However, a change during the case may make a difference. Being drunk when you are with the kids can lead to a loss of unsupervised access to them.

You should also avoid abusing alcohol and other drugs after the case is finalized, as the other parent can request modifications if your behavior changes.

Talking negatively about the other parent to your child

Talking negatively about your ex-spouse to your child may create grounds for the court to dismiss your wishes. This may pressure your kids to take sides, which is unfair. Thus, avoid telling your child that the other parent is taking you to court, wants to separate the two of you or other such things that could make the child think badly of their other parent.

Not communicating

Communicating with the other parent about child-related issues is beneficial as it can help you have a healthy relationship with your kid(s). Refusing to communicate with them may make the court view you as a difficult parent.

Child custody is an integral subject for divorcing parents. You should understand your options and get professional guidance to avoid costly mistakes.