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Tips for using social media during your New York divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2022 | Divorce |

Websites like Facebook and Instagram allow you to stay in touch with the people you care about no matter the distance between you. Social media is usually harmless and enjoyable, but it might affect your divorce if you aren’t careful.

When you share images and posts on social media, they become public information available to your spouse’s legal counsel. A savvy representative can unearth evidence with the potential to harm your side of the divorce.

Best practices for social media

It may be best to stop updating your Instagram and Facebook accounts until your divorce ends, but most prefer to continue using them. Protect yourself with these tips if you plan to remain active on social media during your divorce.

  1. Never disparage your spouse online (to maintain your good character)
  2. Never engage in online flirting (to preserve your child custody and visitation rights)
  3. Never discuss recent financial expenditures (to protect your property settlement)
  4. Never talk about your divorce online (to avoid accidental remarks that could be used against you)

Tell your friends and family not to talk about your spouse or divorce online, as their comments might work against you. It is also wise not to share compromising photos and videos of yourself. You do not want the other side to find images of you drinking or taking illegal drugs, for example.

If ceasing your use of social media is out of the question, be mindful of everything you do and say online. For even more protection, seek legal guidance and learn about the legal ins and outs of divorcing in New York. It could make a positive difference in the outcome of your divorce.