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How to keep your divorce from affecting your job

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2022 | Divorce |

If you’re going to be divorcing soon, you’re likely hoping that the process doesn’t interfere with your job. You may also be considering how much – if anything – to tell those you work with. The latter question likely depends on how much of your personal life you already share with your co-workers – and how much you want to hear their thoughts on the matter — as well as whether you go to an office or other workplace every day or work remotely.

Everyone’s situation is unique. However, if you have a job, you’ll need to find a way to handle everything that’s required of you as you make this transition in your life without letting your work suffer. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind.

You’ll probably need to tell your boss

In most cases, it’s best to tell your boss. You don’t need to share more details that you feel comfortable with. All they need to know is how it may affect your schedule. For example, you may need to spend a little more time navigating childcare until you and your co-parent work out your custody agreement.

You will need to spend some time dealing with legal matters, and some of this will likely have to be done during business hours. The important thing is to let your boss know ahead of time that you may require some flexibility in your schedule, but that you’re committed to not letting your personal life interfere with your job performance. 

If you’re going to be telling anyone else at work – even your best friend — inform your boss first. They generally don’t like to hear things through the rumor mill.

Keep the divorce out of the workplace

This may take some effort and some agreement from your soon-to-be-ex. Don’t deal with personal emails, texts or phone calls about the divorce at work unless it’s absolutely necessary. This may require not checking your phone at work, which can be challenging. 

If you can’t avoid seeing incoming messages, make a commitment not to respond until after work – or at least until lunch. Aside from taking your focus off your work, even mundane divorce-related messages can be highly upsetting.

This is no time to jeopardize your job. By having experienced legal guidance you can count on, you can take some of the stress and worry out of the divorce process.