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Set yourself up for success in a child custody case

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Child custody cases can be challenging and emotional. While the court is looking out for the best interest of your children, you have to provide proof and evidence that proves your side of things.

Part of setting yourself up for success with your child custody case is to get your paperwork and documents in order and organized. Some of the documents you should have ready are found here:

Phone call records

If you have primary custody of your child, it’s a good idea to create a record of phone calls made between your child or children and their other parent (who doesn’t have custody). This will serve as evidence if the other parent did not contact the child often.

If you are the parent without custody, you can maintain the same record to show how you constantly reach out to talk to your child or children.

Visitation schedules

It’s also smart to record visits between your child and their other parent. Having a visitation log will benefit you in court. Make sure to include when visits take place, how long they last, where they take place, and how often they happen.

If you are the non-custodial parent and working to get custody, you can use this log and documentation while in court to show your relationship with the child. The custodial parent can use the visitation schedule documentation to show the lack of an ongoing relationship between their child and the other parent.

Protecting your rights in a child custody case

Child custody cases can be difficult. Having the right documentation and evidence can make a huge difference in the outcome. You can work with a legal professional to learn about the other types of documentation that may be beneficial.