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Your divorce odds are higher this month

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2022 | Uncategorized |

Do you often wonder if your spouse has been thinking about asking for a divorce? Maybe you can tell that both of you are not necessarily happy in the marriage, but you haven’t taken this step yet.

If so, be aware that the divorce rate tends to be higher in January, so your odds of getting divorced are higher this month than at other times of the year. Particularly, they are much higher than in November and December, when divorce rates tend to fall.

Why does the new year start with more divorce cases?

One reason that the New Year often sees a rise in divorce cases is that people deliberately do not want to ask for a divorce in December or around the holidays. If you believe that your spouse already wanted to split up last year, they may merely have been putting off talking to you about it. If you’re a parent, the reason for this could be that they just wanted to preserve the fun of the holidays for the kids.

Another potential reason is that people do tend to see the new year as a chance to get a fresh start and try out things that they’ve always been interested in. For many, this means new hobbies or fitness goals, but it could also mean ending an unhappy relationship and seeking something else. Is the new year what is going to push your spouse to finally ask you for the divorce that they may have wanted for months or even years prior?

Protecting your rights

If your spouse does decide to file for divorce, especially if you have children, make sure you know all of the options that you have to protect your rights as you move through this process.