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Be careful where you get your divorce advice

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2021 | Uncategorized |

When you are considering divorce or looking into the options that you have to end your marriage, you may find yourself talking to friends and family members about it. This is natural, of course, and they can be a tremendous network of support when you need it most. There’s nothing wrong with discussing this with the people you love. 

However, remember that they are not divorce experts and they are biased toward you — and against your ex. They do want the best possible outcome, but they may not be the most reliable sources. You have to be very careful of the advice that you get from them. It may not be in your best interests, even if they believe that it is. 

An example: Hiding assets

For instance, say that you express regret that you’ll have to split your money with your ex. They have stayed home with the kids while you worked, so you feel like you earned that money and you’re about to lose it. 

A friend who agrees with you may tell you to just give them some of your money. They’ll hold it for you until the divorce is over and then give it back. This way, you don’t have to split it with your spouse. They may be especially prone to this if your spouse caused the divorce by having an affair or something of this nature. They’ll feel like it’s unfair for you to give them anything. 

Legally, though, doing this is known as hiding assets, and it is prohibited. Your friend’s advice could significantly backfire and cause a lot of problems. As you learn about the divorce process, be sure to consider your sources very carefully.