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How does your living situation affect your custodial rights as a parent?

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Family law judges used to give one parent significantly more custody than the other because that’s what child psychologists said was best for raising children after divorce. Now judges typically prefer a joint custody schedule where both parents share equal amounts of parenting time with their kids.

There are some factors that the court will weigh in deciding whether shared custody is an appropriate custodial arrangement for your child. Your living arrangements are one of those factors.

What do judges consider?

Most judges will expect your kids to have their own room or at least some private place, such as a bathroom, where they can get dressed. They’ll expect your teen to have more privacy than a younger child.

A judge will likely weigh how many kids you have when determining what living arrangements are appropriate for them. They may be okay with two or more of your kids sharing a room depending on their genders, ages, how your house is set up and your financial situation.

The court’s willingness to place your child with you in your home may also depend on how well they get along with other children or your partner as well. Your child’s temperament may also affect the judge’s decision. Crime statistics in each of your neighborhoods could also impact custodial arrangements that a court orders.

Modifications in your custody case

Your child deserves to spend time with both parents. However, any such arrangement should ensure that their best interests are protected. You’ll need to produce solid proof that your co-parent’s living arrangement isn’t ideal for your child if you want increased custody of them.