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What’s the best way to say that you want to divorce?

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You know your spouse, and you likely know how they’re react to you asking for a divorce. If you have decided to ask for one, your first task should be how to break the news to them gently and with compassion. Even if you don’t get along and the divorce seems inevitable, the other person may still be upset and need time to grieve the end of your marriage.

There are some tips that may help you bring up the topic of divorce and decide if it’s right for you. Here are three that may help.

Select the right time and place to have the discussion

The first step to divorcing is to select the right time and place to bring up the conversation. If you want to reduce how stressful the situation is, don’t wait until you’re angry or the other person is upset. Plan a time to sit down and talk, so you both can focus on the conversation.

Be firm with what you want

When you talk about divorcing with your spouse, be clear about your intentions. Do you want to try to save your marriage? Do you think that you’re ready to move on? Don’t give hope of reconciliation if there isn’t any.

Be ready for their reaction

Finally, be ready for your spouse’s reaction. Whether it’s good or bad, you should be ready to hear what they have to say. Their thoughts are valid, but if they become angry or aggressive, it is time to walk away and give them space.

In the end, this process is going to be tough. If you need additional help preparing, you may want to discuss your upcoming divorce with your attorney.