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What’s the connection between money and divorce?

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Have you ever heard someone say that one of the leading causes of divorce is money? It’s true that couples do fight about money often, and the stress it causes can end relationships. Why are these disagreements so common? 

There are a few things to consider. One is simply that a couple that is struggling to make ends meet is already feeling a lot of financial stress. This makes any decision feel bigger. If your spouse buys something without telling you and you think it’s an extravagant expense that you couldn’t afford, an argument is likely. 

One major issue is just when people value money differently. They inherently do not see it the same way, and they can’t help it. For you, perhaps, money is a way to enjoy your life. It gets you the items and experiences you want, and you’re dedicated to living life to the fullest. You’re likely to spend frequently. 

On the other hand, your spouse sees money as security. They want a stable future with as few questions as possible. This means that they like to save and rarely spend. Who is right? It doesn’t matter. The fact that you value money differently is enough to lead to an argument. And issues like this are very hard to overcome because your outlook means that you both think that the other person is the one who is wrong. 

If you do find yourself heading toward divorce because of these disagreements, regardless of your income level, you need to know exactly what steps you can take and what options you have. Good information helps protect your future, no matter what the circumstances.