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Social media safety during a divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2020 | Uncategorized |

You rely on your social media accounts to make and maintain your connections to other people — and there’s nothing wrong with that. When you’re going through a divorce, however, everything you post on social media can end up being scrutinized for “evidence” that can be used against you. If your divorce is contentious and involves some serious disputes over money or child custody, you need to be conscious of the risks.

How could a post on social media affect your divorce or custody case?

Every situation is different, but the opposing party is generally looking for anything that makes it seem like you’re untruthful. For example, maybe you’re seeking an increased amount of spousal or child support because you simply can’t maintain a reasonable standard of living on what you’re being offered. If your spouse is able to show the judge posts where you’ve talked about “retail therapy,” your self-care outings to the gym or salon, and pictures of you enjoying dinners out with your friends, that could cast doubts on just how badly you need any additional money.

Similarly, imagine that your spouse is trying to depict you as a disinterested parent with a problem with addiction. Photos of you dancing at a bar, drink in hand, while your kids are home with a sitter could be damaging evidence against you. 

Can’t you just put your social media settings on “private” to avoid problems?

Enhancing the privacy settings on your social media accounts is a good start — but nothing is ever truly private once it’s online. Someone you may believe that you can trust could be helping your spouse collect evidence from your social media accounts, and that’s perfectly legal.

Don’t let your social media usage tank your divorce or custody case. Have a long, clear talk with your attorney before you make another post.